This is where we are born, this is where we live

 ‘As with the bees, we live our lives by the stars rotation around Papatuanuku – Ngati Apiaries’.

Io Matua Kore - the beginning of existence

In New Zealand Maori mythology, the beginning of existence (energy, potential, the void, nothingness) – Io Matua Kore – gave birth to Ranginui (Sky Father) and Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) – who in turn gave birth to children such as Tangaroa (sea), Tane (forests and birds), Haumia (wild plants) – these children created Te Tai Ao – our precious natural forest environment from which our bees harvest honey from.

Honey harvested from ancestral lands creates the Ngāti Apiaries whakapapa of Native New Zealand Honey.

Our Whakapa (history and values) start in the Pacific at Rarotonga as Ngati Io, from where Maui came in a great Waka (canoe) and caught the big fish Te Ika a Maui (New Zealand). The next great explorer from the Pacific was Kupe and then other migration waka (canoes) followed with our ancestors.  A modern waka (sailing ship) from England in 1839 brought the first honey bees to New Zealand, establishing these in the Far North region. The ancestors of those bees along with new strains make the Ngati Apiaries honey today.


appreciating the creation of the environment we work within and the development of all things. Listening and sharing our stories identifies our obligations…and builds our mutual trust.


acknowledgement of the quality and vitality of the environment we work within. Respectful to our landowner partners. Sanctity and respect of places and objects.