Pure, naturally good, native honey sourced from bees working with
nature in the diverse environments of New Zealand.

The natural richness of our ancestral land brings you genuine goodness from New Zealand.
Natively grown, collected, harvested, bottled by Ngāti Apiaries kaupapa in New Zealand.

Mānuka is an Extraordinary Honey

Mānuka is the perfect product, natural, guilt free, convenient, health giving, wrapped in the clean imagery of New Zealand” www.mbie.govt.nz

Kānuka – the Honey full of Antimicrobial Activity

Creamy white flowers on the New Zealand Kānuka tree produce nectar for the Ngāti Apiaries bees, making one of natures finest honeys. Lots of research here – https://www.honeylab.co.nz/science/

Mānanuka – the Ngāti Apiaries Honey

The best of the honeys unique to Ngāti Apiaries. Gathered from bee hives around Mānuka and Kānuka trees, we give you this naturally blended, delicious rich New Zealand multifloral honey.

Mānuka Multiflora

The traditional New Zealand Mānuka multifloral honey. Brought to your table combining delcious tastes of Mānuka and other native or natural flora.

Wild Thyme – is Exquisite

Delicate and intensely aromatic. The unique floral attributes of the rugged New Zealand South Island landscape make Ngāti Apiaries Wild Thyme honey unique in the world.

Clover – Traditional for the Table

A taste of cooler rural New Zealand bursting with hot summer days. Ngāti Apiaries creamy white Clover honey is fresh and delicate.

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