Pure & Authentic Native New Zealand Honey

Ngāti Apiaries Honey, a natural healthy food produced exclusively in New Zealand. Harvested, bottled and packaged – all done in New Zealand under strict New Zealand Government food regulations and controls.

Ngāti Apiaries Mānuka honey products are tested at independent and accredited laboratories in New Zealand. The independent testing laboratories will test for appropriate safe or zero limits of a wide range of minerals, trace elements and heavy metals, including aluminium, arsenic, copper, chromium, iron, mercury, lead and zinc as well as contaminants such as Glyphosate.

Safety – Quality – Origin – Environment – Ethical

– be assured before you buy –

Verified by AsureQuality.

New Zealand Government owned AsureQuality plays a vital role in making sure the honey Ngāti Apiaries produces for our customers is safe for millions of people worldwide. AsureQuality is the trusted partner for food companies serious about their brand and reputation.

Scan the tamper proof QR code label on our honey lid to view Verified information provided by AsureQuality. Learn about the 5 audited Assurance Marks of your honey:


  • Origin
  • Environmental
  • Social & Ethical
  • Safety & Quality
  • Nutrition

What ever country you are in, wherever you are – the Ngāti Apiaries QR code on our honey jar lid can be scanned for your peace of mind. This is your certainty of food transparency and authenticity. Find out more here: https://www.aqassurancemarks.com/en/

The UMF Honey Association has a world-leading science programme that is focussed on identifying the unique signature compounds of genuine Mānuka Honey, as a way of safeguarding consumers and the industry.

The UMF® testing process measures all three signature compounds, Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal (MGO), that together indicate high quality, authentic Manuka honey

What UMF and MGO Stands for in Manuka Honey

UMF® (Unique Mānuka Factor) and MGO (Methylglyoxal) are both valid methods of measuring the non-peroxide activity of Mānuka honey. UMF® measures the activity itself and MGO measures the major compound producing that activity. The important thing is not to be fooled by other claims for ‘activity’ or health benefits in Manuka honey.

UMF 5+   = MGO 83
UMF 10+ = MGO 263
UMF 15+ = MGO 514
UMF 20+ = MGO 829

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